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IDBR is open for Collaborations with Academic Institutes, Research Organisations and Pharmaceutical industries to perform break through research in the area of drug delivery and biomedical Sciences. IDBR is also willing to collaborate with service organisations that intends to make a positive impact on the society.


Bengaluru Allergy Centre, Bengaluru

IDBR and Bengaluru Allergy Clinic, Bengaluru ( have collaboration for preclinical testing of specialized formulations. The formulations developed at Bengaluru Allergy Clinic would be tested for efficacy in a preclinical model at IDBR.


Queen’s University, Belfast, UK

IDBR has collaborated with Queen’s University, Belfast, UK ( to undertake Biocompatibility and biodegradation preclinical studies of sub conjunctival implant. The fornix implant designed by scientists of Queen’s University UK would be tested by IDBR following preclinical examination of the eyes in rabbit.


University Of Sydney, Australia

IDBR and University of Sydney, New South Wales Australia ( have established collaboration for preclinical testing of Transdermal patches. The Department of Veterinary Science of University of Sydney will be testing the Transdermal products developed at IDBR in animal model.


Scinva Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru

IDBR in collaboration with Scinva Chemicals ( is working on synthesizing folic acid esters that has a log P value of 1-2 for transdermal delivery in pregnant women.


Steer Lifesciences, Bengaluru

IDBR and STEER Life, Bengaluru ( have established collaboration for in vitro testing of Transdermal films. The transdermal films developed at STEER Life by hot melt extrusion process would be subjected for in vitro and preclinical testing at IDBR.


MS Ramaiah University Of Advanced Sciences, Bengaluru

IDBR and M.S.Ramaiah University of Advanced Sciences, Bengaluru ( have collaboration for human panel studies. The specialized drug delivery systems developed at IDBR would be tested for efficacy in human panel constituted at the Dental College of the University.


Nuwill Research And Innovations, Bengaluru.

IDBR and Nuwill research and innovations, Bengaluru ( have established technical and operational collaboration in NDDS and Preclinical evaluation segment. Nuwill and IDBR have collaborations in science and development area. Nuwill gets support from IDBR on Pre-clinical studies and development and evaluation of Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS).


Maharani Laxmi Ammani College For Women, Bengaluru.

IDBR has signed a MoU with Maharani Laxmi Ammani College for Women (MLACW), Bengaluru ( to undertake preclinical studies MLACW. IDBR team will be working with the preclinical experts in MLACW on the IDBR funded research grants. MLACW that has undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Biotechnology is accredited ‘A’ grade by NAAC. MLACW has a state of art animal house maintained as per CPSCEA (committee for the purpose of control and supervision of experiments on animals) guidelines for research activities.


RGV Research & Innovations Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru

RGVRI has expertise in lipid based drug delivery systems. IDBR is collaborated with RGVRI to seek the technical expertise to prepare lipid complexes of therapeutic agents to improve their efficacy and minimize the toxicity. The collaboration is ongoing and IDBR and RGVRI are exploring the potential use of anticancerous drugs as lipid complex


Roquette Pharma, USA

IDBR has an agreed to develop taste masked palatable preparations using specialty chemicals supplied by Roquette Pharma ( The palatability of the developed preparations would be tested by the sensory research group of IDBR in human panel studies.


SPI Pharma, Bengaluru

SPI,Pharma, Bengaluru ( Has an agreement with IDBR for testing the bioavailability of specialized dosage forms. The drug delivery systems developed at SPI Pharma using functional excipients would be tested for relative bioavailability in preclinical model at IDBR.


Dr Reddy Laboratories, Hyderabad

IDBR and Dr. Reddy Laboratories, Hyderabad ( have established collaboration for in vitro testing of topical and transdermal products. The products developed by DRL would be subjected for in vitro and preclinical testing at IDBR.


INM Technologies, Bengaluru

IDBR and INM Technologies, Bangalorehave established collaboration for in vitro testing of Transdermal products. The transdermal products developed by INM Technologies would be subjected for in vitro testing at IDBR.


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