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Modulation Of Permeability Of Biological Barriers

Biological barriers such as skin, nail, mucous membrane, blood brain barrier etc are meant to protect us from external environment. However, modulation of their permeability nature in a safe and reversible way is often necessary to achieve delivery of therapeutic agents that are otherwise poorly permeable across the biological barriers. The research focus is to develop chemical and physical approaches/technologies that could overcome the barrier property of biological membranes and deliver therapeutically effective amounts of drug into the systemic circulation or any organ/tissue of interest.

modulation of permeability
drug dlivery

Drug Delivery Systems To Modulate ADME Of Therapeutic Agents

Development of controlled and targeted drug delivery systems to modulate the pharmacokinetics (ADME) of the drugs is one of the research objectives of IDBR. This is a broad area which covers several routes of drug delivery such as oral, transdermal, transmucosal, parenteral and trans-ocular. In this direction, the matrix and barrier controlled systems, soft matter systems and nanotechnology based products are being researched at IDBR. The research could potentially have significant impact on the quality of life of patients suffering with chronic diseases such as chronic pain, asthma, infections and cancer.

bio physical approaches

Biophysical Approaches For Treating Health Disorders

Biophysical technologies have long been utilized in drug delivery and treatment. There is need for safe and effective technologies that could be utilized to modulate the physiology of organs. Such technologies which influence the physiological functions of organs could be utilized for drug delivery, diagnosis and treatment of disorders. IDBR is investigating/IDBR has investigated some of the biophysical and drug free approaches to treat physiological disorders.

physical chem

Physical Chemistry Of Therapeutic Agents

The therapeutic agents often possesses such physicochemical properties which limit their absorption across the biological membranes. Physical or chemical modification of these agents to impart suitable properties to render them more safe and efficacious is often necessary. IDBR team has expertise to work on various approaches to modify the physicochemical properties of drugs by the way of developing prodrugs, complexes, nanocrystals, cocrystals, solid dispersions and other physical/chemical forms.

sensory rsearch

Sensory Research

The sensory research group at IDBR has expertise in assessing the human sensory perception characteristics of the dosage forms. The sensory group includes, Psychologists, Biophysicists, Pharmaceutical scientists and Biotechnologists. The ongoing projects include evaluation of taste perception (palatability) of specially processed pharmaceutical dosage forms.



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