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AAPS Annual Meeting 2017-19

  1. A Novel Strategy for the Efficient Modulation of Topical Drug Delivery to Validate the Sensitivity of an In Vitro Permeation Test (IVPT).

  2. Metronidazole Crystal Patterns Formed During the Metamorphosis of Topical Carbopol Gels.

  3. Evaluation of Different Dose Application Techniques on the In Vitro Cutaneous Pharmacokinetics of Metronidazole from Topical Gel and Cream Products.

  4. Correlation Between the Quality Attributes and Performance Characteristics of Metronidazole Gels and Creams: Implications for the Evaluation of Bioequivalence.

  5. Rapidly Dissolving Microneedle Patches for Transdermal Iron Replenishment.

  6. Evaluation of anti-nociceptive activity of Lidocaine loaded clay patches.

  7. In vitro Maximum Usage Trail (MUsT) Protocol for investigating the dermal kinetics of more frequently applied products.

  8. A Rapid Tool to Optimize the Process Variables of Melt Extrusion Process for the preparation of Semi-Solids.

  9. Formulation and Optimization of Topical Metronidazole Ointment by Hot Melt Extrusion Technology.

  10. Formulation Development of Nicotine Loaded Nano Lipid Carriers for Transdermal Delivery.

  11. Performance of Nicotine Patches in Mild Hyperthermia Condition.

  12. Effect of Hyperthermia on Microneedle Mediated Transdermal Drug Delivery.

  13. Biodegradable Solid Lipid Nanoparticle loaded Microneedle Delivery System for Nicotine Replacement therapy.

  14. Solid Lipid Nanoparticles and Nanostructured Lipid Carriers of Nicotine for Transdermal Delivery.

  15. Effect of Fatty Alcohols on The Permeation of Clotrimazole: A Finite Dose IVPT Study.

  16. Effect of Fatty Alcohols on Permeation of Clotrimazole: An   Infinite Dose Study.

  17. Study of Globule Size Distribution of Topical O/W Creams Containing Different Fatty Alcohols.

  18. Evaluation of The Effect of Stability on the Quality Attributes Of O/W Type Creams Containing Different Fatty Alcohols.

  19. Effect of fatty alcohols on the rheological characteristics of o/w topical creams.

  20. Method Development and Validation of Benzalkonium Chloride using LC-MS/MS.

  21. Tissue Distribution of Silymarin Constituents and their Metabolites in Rats on Oral Administration of Silymarin Formulations.

  22. Effect of Cyclodextrin on Drug Plasma Protein Binding Kinetics.

  23. Development of Captisol-Enabled™ Silymarin Topical Formulation.

  24. In Vitro Human Skin Metabolism and Binding of Silymarin.

  25. Approaches to Alleviate Antiepileptic Drug Induced In Vitro Retinal Neuronal Toxicity.

  26. Anandamide Topical Delivery for Management of Pain.

  27. Thermo Sensitive Gel for Intranasal Delivery of Vigabatrin.

  28. Nose to Brain Drug Delivery Approach to Alleviate Vigabatrin Induced Retinal Toxicity.

  29. The Systematic Influence of Changes in Manufacturing Process Variables on the Microstructure and Performance of Topical Emulsion.

  30. Evaluation of Resiniferatoxin (RTX) Niosomes for Effective and Safe Delivery of RTX for Neurotropic Activity.

  31. Neurotrophic and Neurogenic Activity of Natural Product Resiniferatoxin on Neuronal Model Cells.

  32. Evaluating FK506 and GPI-1046 as Promising Candidates for the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease (PD) by the Inhibition of FK506 Binding Protein 12 (FKBP12) and FKBP52.



American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Conference, 2016, Denver, CO


  1. Rapidly Dissolving Microneedle Patches for Transdermal Iron Replenishment Therapy.

  2. Hot-Melt Extrusion as a Tool to Enhance Indomethacin Solubility by Complexation with Hydroxypropyl Betacyclodextrin.

  3. Evaluation of Fentanyl Micro-needles for Anti-Nociceptive Activity

  4. Determination of pH for an Oil-in-Water Based Semisolid Cream: Method Development and Standardization

  5. Pharmacokinetics of Novel 17-hydroxy Progesterone Caproate Niosomes for the   Treatment of Preterm Birth Defect

  6. Formulation Development of Resiniferatoxin Nano Vesicles for Topical Delivery in Neuropathic Pain Management

  7. Preparation and Characterization of Acitretin Loaded Niosomes for Psoriasis   Treatment

  8. RP-HPLC Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Vigabatrin, GABA and Taurine in Biological Samples

  9. The pH of Topical Creams Can Change Rapidly Following Application on the Skin in Vivo

  10. Is Water Activity the Primary Determinant of Metamorphosis for Topical Creams?

  11. Influence of the Method of Dose Application on the In Vitro Permeation Profile of Acyclovir from Topical Creams

  12. Evaluation of Coolness Perception of Creams in Volunteers by Thermal Imaging and   Effect of Microstructure of the Topical Products

  13. Clinical Relevance of Rheological Characteristics of Topical Creams: Relationship   between Yield Stress and Dose Spreading Area

  14. Inclusion Complex of Valsartan with Cyclodextrin Derivatives

  15. Preparation and Characterization of Captisol&[reg] Enabled Silymarin Constituents:   A Phase Solubility and Molecular Modeling Approach

  16. Indomethacin: β-Cyclodextrin Complexation and Characterization

  17. Piroxicam Solubility Enhancement by Native and Modified &[beta] Cyclodextrin

  18. In Vitro Intestinal Permeability and Pharmacokinetic Studies of Captisol & [reg] Enabled Silymarin Constituents

  19. In Vitro Skin Clearance of &[Delta]9-tetrahydrocannabinol


American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Conference, 2015, Orlando, FL

  1. Trans-ungual Delivery of Apremilast for the Treatment of Nail Psoriasis.

  2. Preparation of Epidermis Using a Novel Salt Stripping Method.

  3. Trans-ungual Delivery of AR-12, a novel antifungal drug.

  4. Transdermal Delivery of 17-Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate Using Niosomes for minimizing of Preterm Birth Defect.

  5. Progesterone (BCS class II model drug) solubility enhancement by modified β-cyclodextrins complexation.

  6. Finite Dose Administration of Testosterone Gel: Enhanced Dermal Delivery of Drug due to Captisol Complexation.

  7. Evaluation of water activity (aw) as a critical quality attribute of topical semisolid dosage forms.

  8. Powder X-Ray Diffraction (PXRD): A Novel Approach to Quantitate the Undissolved Drug in Semi-solid Topical Dosage Forms.

  9. The dimethyl isosorbide renders skin impermeable to diclofenac sodium.



First European Conference Pharmaceutics, Reims, France

  1. Captisol enabled transdermal delivery of drugs by iontophoresis


American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Conference, 2014, San Diego, CA

  1. Transdermal permeation of diclofenac salts from sodium hyaluronate gels.

  2. Transdermal delivery of diclofenac salts using constant voltage iontophoresis and chemical permeation enhancers.

  3. Caffeine anhydrous taste masking by Hot melt extrusion

  4. Hydrogel containing cyclodextrin complex of testosterone passive permeation and iontophoretic transport across the skin

  5. Plasma and brain pharmacokinetics of propofol

  6. Transdermal permeation of vit B12

  7. Intranasal delivery of flurocytosine

  8. A topical controlled release formulation for the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia

  9. Utilization of hot melt extrusion technique for developing controlled-release hyaluronic acid

  10. Controlled release injection for intra articular treatment of osteoarthritis.

  11. Hot melt extrusion technique as a novel continuous process for manufacturing semi solid cream formulations.

  12. Alternate modes of delivery of ziconotide

  13. Intranasal controlled release gel using a biodegradable multiblock copolymer

  14. Does iontophoresis deliver drugs via non-follicular pathways?

  15. Paramagnetic medium to enhance the magnetophoretic transdermal delivery of drugs.

  16. Unveiling the mechanism of drug penetration into stratum corneum during the short duration exposure of topical formulation

  17. Transdermal delivery of folic acid (Vit B9) by iontophoresis.


Neuroscience Conference-UMMC-Jackson –Jan 2014

  1. Nose to brain delivery of antimicrobial agents to treat opportunistic infections

  2. Chronic pain management by nose to CSF delivery of ziconotide

  3. Noninvasive induction of sedation and anesthesia


Natural Products Research Center-Research Presentations Dec-2013

  1. Chronic pain management by intranasal administration of a conotoxin.

  2. Pain free injection technology to treat iron deficiency in pregnant women and children.

  3. Micro-reservoir patch: a simple solution to overcome dose dumping in defective transdermal patches

  4. Biophysical measures of human skin and correlations to barrier functions and drug transport properties

  5. Constant current dc iontophoresis for transdermal drug delivery: effects on skin biophysical properties

  6. Effect of pre-treatment with enhancers on the transdermal permeation of diclofenac sodium.

  7. Dermatokinetics of vitamin C, a well-known anti-ageing agent

  8. Solid dispersion of zaleplon cyclodextrin complexes and their efficiency evaluation

  9. Are cyclodextrins a viable tool for zotepine solubilization?

  10. In situ intranasal gels of ziconotide for enhanced CNS bioavailability.


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